Hands On Labs

Getting Started with the MedRec APIs

Downloading the application code and run the APIs locally

Downloading the python client application code

Access the APIs hosted on Oracle Cloud protected using API Platform

Congratulations, you have completed all required labs!

Below you will find a list of optional labs that will teach you how to use Docker-Compose locally, as well as how to provision the MedRec application using Docker containers in the Oracle Public Cloud.

Optional Activities

Build the Docker Image and run up the APIs locally using Docker-Compose

Challenge: Assuming the docker containers are up and running locally, use Postman or your preferred code snippet to interact with the REST APIs hosted inside your Docker container.

Running the APIs on the Oracle Container Cloud Service

Instead of running your Docker containers on your laptop, this time you will login to the Oracle Container Cloud Service (OCCS) and create a stack definition for the MedRec API (web and mongodb tier) as per the following instructions.

Note: It is assumed you have access to Oracle Container Cloud Service e.g. using your trial account.

Provision the application and MongoDB using other Oracle Cloud Services

Another options to run up the MedRec APIs is to use other Oracle Cloud Services. In the following labs you will setup Node.js on Oracle PaaS (Application Container Cloud Service - ACCS) and MongoDB on Oracle IaaS (using a Bitnami MongoDB VM template)

Try out the Responsive Web App leveraging material design constructs that connects to the Medrec APIs

Following the micro services architecture pattern, we have decoupled the Hybrid Web application from the server side API’s. In this lab we have provided a sample responsive mbile first web application developed using a progressive web framework and implement material design principles. The app invokes and performs CRUD operations on the Medrec APIs available.

Interact with Anki Cozmo

Assuming you have an Anki Cozmo robot, you may want to fork the barackd222/ankimedrec-cozmo git repository and start to explore your python skills. Note: No additional hands on material is available at this stage.

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