The Anki-MedRec Platform

Provides some basic CRUD APIs for Medical Records (Anki-MedRec Node.js application). These APIs provide a starting point upon which participants can bring their innovative ideas to explore and prove.

The Anki-MedRec will serve as a vehicle to overlay innovative ideas and implement them using various Cloud Services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and Open Source software. We hope that it will encourage learning and innovation from a number of perspectives whether you are running a workshop, running a conference, a hackathon or just self-learning around the following areas:

So by now you have already worked it out, we have developed the API’s to help us to get to do some creative, fun, learning real fast.

Check out the brief Overview Video:

Who is this for?

The MedRec Platform Playpen supports a diverse range of users and activities, such as:

Get Started with AnkiMedRec-APIs

The AnkiMedRec APIs are based on Node.js and interact with MongoDB as the datastore. The quickest way to get started is to click the Get Started link below.

Get Started With APIs in Less Than 5 Minutes Comprehensive HandsOn Tutorials Hackathons Additional Video Tutorials

If you want to preserve the data that you create using the APIs, then all you need to do is register as a developer. Simply provide a username and password and you will be issued an API key. You can then follow the hands on tutorials to do all / any of the following;

  1. Register to access the APIs
  2. Access the APIs hosted on the Oracle Cloud protected by the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service.
  3. Setup your local development environment with Node.js, MongoDB and Docker
  4. Run the APIs on your laptop
  5. Run the APIs inside a local Docker container
  6. Run the APIs inside a Docker Container provided by the Oracle Container Cloud Service

Where could this go? Community Involvement:

The Node.js API’s are a place to start, a beginning. We have created something that we know isn’t perfect or particularly robust but the APIs seem to be functional. For instance. you can add Physicians,Patients, create prescriptions and record Observations. You may decide to add more capability by extending the API implementation, or adding additional APIs or maybe you want to connect a wearable device or an Anki-Cozmo robot to interact with the APIs.

We know that there are lots of smart people out there who like to explore, experiment and improve things, so if you are interested, why not start by doing a fork of the Anki-Medrec GIT repository and start with your idea to improve. If you want to tell us the cool things you have done send a link to your GIT project in an email to Your should contain a simple narrative of what you have done. We will endeavour to update this website to include your cool work.

Cozmo Gets A Cold

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Franco Ucci | Ali Mukadam | Jason Lowe | David Reid | Carlos Rodriguez Iturria